The Sons of Katie Elder

The Sons of Katie Elder
"First, we reunite, then find Ma and Pa's killer...then read some reviews."

Monday, January 19, 2009

Starting another blog.....part 27

Well, maybe it isn't 27 attempts, but it sure feels like it sometimes. I've attempted blogs before as part of classes, as a sports fan, and as an aspiring sports writer, but none seem to stick whether it's boredom or something important that takes up my time, like a new season of Rock of Love on VH1, you really can't go wrong with that show. My name is Tim, I'm 23 years old and live in Chicago. I write for a local paper, the SouthtownStar, as a stringer for the sports desk, and am hoping to catch on somewhere as a staff writer.

Stringer- Noun, a writer who does whatever is asked of him for little pay and is typically low on the totem pole. Benefits include being hassled by parents who disagree with what you write and gate attendants who think you're trying to chisel them out of $5.

Anywho, as you may have heard, the newspaper business is in trouble thanks to the beauties of the Internet. Lots of cuts, papers are shrinking, and sometimes disappearing completely, so as a writer almost two years of college, go Hoosiers, I've seen this happening. Everyone I talk to says go to the web, but that's easier said than done, and blogs don't pay so well. But anyways, here I am.....again.

I'll write a little bit of everything here, sports, movies, books, predictions for Rock of Love, that sort of thing, the big issues. Hope you enjoy it.

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