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The Sons of Katie Elder
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Jackass 3D

I remember pretty clearly stumbling across Jackass when it aired its first episode on MTV in 2000. Who were these idiots consistently putting themselves into these ridiculous situations where it looked like death or serious injury was always a possibility?  Whoever they were, I loved them and watched all their episodes, all their movies, including Jackass 3D which opened this weekend.  That's right, Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Ryan Dunn, Wee Man, Preston Lacy and all the rest of the Jackass gang, and I'm a little ashamed to admit I went and plopped down 10 bucks to go see their new movie.

From their first episode on MTV, this crew specialized in the ludicrous, the ridiculous, the off the wall humor, and a fair share of truly disgusting stunts.  It is the stupidest form of entertainment, and I feel ridiculous writing a review of this movie.  Well, it is 10 years since the original premiere and two movies later the premise is still entertaining.  The problem is that over 90-plus minutes, things tend to drag at times.  Not all the stunts/pranks work, and in the theater I saw, there was more awkward silences than I anticipated.  If you could hear what people were thinking, you'd hear a lot of "Was that funny? Should I be laughing?"  So instead of debating the social relevance of one of the stupidest movies to ever hit the big screen, I'll go through the better stunts.

The High Five: Jackass at their best.  In an office, the crew sets up a gigantic hand hidden around a corner.  When released, the hand whirls around and slams into an unsuspecting victim.  We see several incidents all which build to a bit the producers have wisely included in just about every commercial you'll see advertising the movie.  Bam gets antiqued and basically goes airborne. Just a genuine laugh that doesn't need gross out humor to be funny.

The Ram Jam: Steve-O and Ryan Dunn -- dressed up to look like members of a high school band -- get into a pen with instruments to see if some "soothing music" will prevent a ram from dropping its head and charging.  Short answer? No chance in hell.  Making it better, Steve-O gets his jeans caught on a spike and can't help Dunn as he's assaulted by a very pissed off ram.  Maybe my favorite line of the movie comes from Dunn in a truly anguished yell " me!"

The Glue Bit: The gang uses super adhesive glue to well...glue themselves to each other.  Jackass always specialized in these bits where the crew is at some personal risk that will end in bodily harm.  We're not talking death or a coma or anything, just intense physical pain, and this is a gem just to see their faces when they try and separate themselves.

The Rocky: Bam throws water on someone's head and then with a giant punching glove whales on someone's head to the tune of "Eye of the Tiger."  One of the best uses of the high-tech cameras that allowed the moviemakers to slow everything down to extremmmmmmmmmme slow motion.  Even better are some of the bloopers at the end as Bam epically fails in his attempts.

The Snake River Revenge: Ryan Dunn -- one of my favorites of the Jackass team -- tries to jump a river with a souped up scooter with some not surprisingly disastrous results.  The slow motion, Dunn's genuine confusion at being asked if he's jumped a motorcycle before, Wee Man dressed up as a leprechaun dancing around, the reactions, this was priceless.

Of course, for all the good, there's some bad.  I counted three different times I felt myself gagging like I was actually going to throw up in my seat.  No descriptions really needed, but there's a man-sweat cocktail, a bungee port-a-potty filled with Steve-O and dog crap, and a couple others I'm probably forgetting.  Jackass is at its funniest with its ridiculous stunts, not its disgusting ones.  As for the 3D, I didn't pay four more dollars to see all this stuff thrown at me because I think 3D might be the stupidest thing ever invented in terms of movies.  I doubt it made much of a difference, but I'm not curious enough to pay more to see it again.  All in all, a truly awful movie that made me laugh a lot.  The great bits outweigh the duds.  No rating here because let's face it.  It's a Jackass movie, and you already know if you're going to see this.

Jackass 3D <----trailer (2010)

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